Partial targets for navi/guiding

Bucky Kid shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hello, I have idea to support partial targets.

User could define one or more points on dead saved track or on temporary navigation track as "partial targets" (from context menu).

Partial targets on dead track would be saved persistently and partial targets on live temp track would exist only as long as navigation proceeds.

Navigation process the partial targets will alter this way: all data related to guiding/navigation (EST, distance to target etc.) will be related to the nearest partial target until it gets reached, then Locus will change target values to next nearest partial target or the real track target if there's none.

For convenience Locus should also enable manipulating partial targets on the track (easy deletion etc.)

Maybe via points are handled this way during navigation, but this would be inconvenient as via points are often used to mark track segments for altering the route and not defining partial targets (mess with unwanted targets during navigation).