POI / LoPoints visibility

Lucas Heiss shared this idea 4 years ago
Gathering feedback

Good day Menion & Locus team,

I just wanted to share a thought concerning future POI / LoPoints handling:

The distinction between (semi)permanently and temporarily displayed points should be clear: POIs that are only temporarily displayed based on a search should have icons with higher visibility than they have now (compare supermarkets in screenshots 1 and 2).

Permanently displayed points like e.g. the cave entrances in screenshot 3 are part of the map and thus these modest icons make sense, whereas temporarily displayed POIs should strike the users eye.

Distinction between different types of temporarily displayed icons is not as important as visibility, because normally the user only displayes a rather small amount of different POI types at the same time (when he is looking for shops for example or when she types "supermarket"). This is why to my mind a clear graphic like e.g. a coloured dot with a simple white icon inside would make sense.

All the best for further developments, looking forward to version 4 :)


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