Projection Route

Andreas Woithon shared this idea 2 years ago
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Hello Locus Team,

I would like to request a feature which is very useful for offroad rallye drivers:

I hald a talk with a professional rallye navigator (he drove the Dakar and many desert rallyes) this week. He knows Locus, but he ist using several applications for various reasons.

He told me about an app, whichis not available anymore but which is used by almost all amateur rallye drivers. You can create a route only from distances and directions (What you call Projection in Locus Map). But that route not bound to geographic points (Waypoints, Trackpoints). It is like a pattern, where you can set the starting point wherever you like.


In rallyes the teams often get a point (GPS coordinates) to drive to in the morning, just before they start. They don't know where that point is before. But they know the route they need to drive from that point on, given in directions and distances. With that function they would be able to create a route from these distances and directions they know in the evening before they start. However, they don't know where this track starts, before they get told next morning.

In the morning they start to drive to that start point and from that point, they switch to the "Projection Route", whcih is displayd on the map and simply follow the directions for the given distances.