Relative Path for additional Personal Map Directories (2.20)

Bob Denny shared this idea 10 years ago
Gathering feedback

I need to be able to set some additional Personal Map directories (Maps, Personal, menu, Add Maps) and I want them to be relative to /xxx/yyy/Locus instead of hard-wired to a full path. I want my settings and maps to be portable so people with various tablets can use them, but we have /storage/emulated/0/Locus, /storage/sdcard0/Locus, blah blah depending on the time of day and tablet model. I would like to have these directories be set relative to .../.../Locus as an option at least (like ./Locus/xxx or ./xxx or just xxx). Right now you have the choice of adding a directory with the entire absolute path from / or removing the entire directory. So if you set the system up on one tablet type, and the storage hierarchy is different on another, you have to re-set the directories.

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