Route waypoints optimization (TSP)

baoiva shared this idea 11 years ago
Gathering feedback

Hi. In the next lines, maybe I`m going to write some dumb things, but I need to contribute to this project somehow.

I think this app could outclass almost any actual android GPS navigation software (aside "premium services"). I just miss a couple of important features. The most: a solid multiple waypoint trip planning solution. I mean one with TSP solver algoritm (waypoint order optimization) for linear and roundtrip route planning. There are some algoritms already working around. I found one especially good:

Tested it ( with some points at my home city and I can tell it`s works like a charm. It`s open source and published under MIT License. Just throw in the route waypoints and get them back efficiently ordered.

Could be possible to implement it through some addon or directly into the app code?

Mmmm... I hope my english to be clear enough.

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