Scrollable elevation profile on tracks

Anders D shared this idea 3 years ago
Gathering feedback

In most other mapping apps there is a feature where you can follow a track in advance on the map and see the position on a elevation profile/chart on the same screen.

I know there is the elevation profile on the "Chart" page tracks by then you have to switch back and forth to see the position on the map.

There is also the track "Analyzer" tool where you can display a elevation profile while showing the map but you can't follow the track simoustanly.

And also we have the "Dashboard" function where you can add a elevation profile which is also great, but it seems you can only use it while navigation a track, you can't follow the track in advance.

So I would like to request this feature. I like the format of the elevation profile on the analyzer tool, which is very neat. I would be nice if you could use it to scroll through the tracks as well. Maybe as context menu when clicking on a track: Track elevation.

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