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Rainer Rennert shared this idea 10 years ago
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Hi developpers!

I have very long tracks to hike e.g. 2 weeks along.

It's very complex to calculate the km i walked today, or i have to walk to my target point in a track.

I must touch the startpoint (eg. my actual place) and remember the km to the start of the track. Then i have to touch the endpoint to build the difference in km to see how far is my target away.

The problem is that only shown the km without decimals. Eg first point is 5,01 km from start of the track away and second point ist 7.99 km away. The System shows 5 and 7km. I build the difference to see how far is the target of my day away and i calculate 2km. In real there are 2.98 km.

First help is to show minimum one decimal

Better is it to fix points of calculation in my track.

When i touch the track it should show me

first line: Point No. and elevation

second line: km to start | km to end of the track

new: third line km to the next calculation point before | km to next calculation point after the touched point. Also with one decimal.

greetings from germany/bavaria/Franconia


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