simplify BRouter track creation process

Andrew Heard shared this idea 6 years ago
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There are two ways of using offline BRouter for track creation 1) internal Locus track editor - BRouter will auto create intermediate track points as you add each new point, and 2) add "from", "to", "via" named points then manually import the BRouter GPX track as described in the manual. This 2nd method allows you to experiment with different BRouter profiles until you are satisfied with the route. However the number of steps required for this 2nd method could be reduced. At present the steps are:

  1. (optional) tap Remove temporary items (old BRouter track)
  2. tap BRouter icon
  3. select BRouter profile
  4. tap Exit
  5. tap Data icon
  6. select Items tab
  7. tap new BRouter GPX file to import
  8. tap Back to view the new track

My suggestion would have Locus monitor the special mapItems folder, and when the BRouter GPX file is modified remove if necessary the old temporary track (map items) and automatically import the new track. So the steps then become:

  1. tap BRouter icon
  2. select BRouter profile
  3. tap Exit
  4. view the new track

Neat? Now the user can quickly experiment with moving via points, adding no-go areas, changing profiles, and very quickly see whether the proposed route is acceptable.

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