Single-run events in Audio coach

Krzysztof Antoszek shared this idea 23 months ago
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It would be nice to create "single events" in trainings. Right now every event is run every time a condition is met in a loop (every X meters or every X seconds/minutes), but I would like to create an event thats run at a specific condition and never again in that training session.

This would be greate with because we could create Traning plans in locus for interval training, for example I could create a 12 minut session for an interval run:

00:00 alert "start walking"

04:00 alert "run at slow pace"

06:00 alert "walk again"

08:00 alert "run at medium pace"

10:00 alert "walk to cooldown"

12:00 alert "end of training session"

What do you think?