Start new track segment and/or add track point when changing recording profile

Georg D shared this idea 4 years ago
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If it's easy to implement, it would be nice if Locus would start a new track segment and/or add a track point when changing recording profile, and name it accordingly, e.g. track point "Recording profile changed from forMapping to forHiking". That way, after importing a track into JOSM, we could instantly see where we need to map and where not. Currently, we can only guess from point density which is only visible in high zoom levels (=much scrolling along the complete track) and does not help if GPS signal accuracy is low.

Why do we change recording profiles? Example: During last hiking & sightseeing vacation in Scotland, I often walked a while on a mapped path (=I wanted only few track points to make track compact & fast loading and accepted low accuracy points), then for some minutes on an unmapped ways (=wanted maximum track points but only of high accuracy for realistic mapping, so also "few" points), then again longer time on mapped ways,... so I was changing profile maybe 10 times per hour.

Thanks, Georg