Text to Speech reading Waypoints

Joachim Buhl shared this idea 10 years ago
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Because we found out, that using navigation on mountainbiking or hiking is not suitable (https://getsatisfaction.com/locus/top...), we have to use "Guiding". The problem of guiding is, that as long as the track is going straight, you do not get a direction notification, even when you have to change from a big way to a small path. As long this is straight, you do not get a notifiaction or even the display lights up.

During the route planning I can set a waypoint on those locations (see my question https://getsatisfaction.com/locus/top...)

and I would like, that Locus reads this waypoint when I approach it and turns the display on. When the waypoint is named "small path straight", Locus uses TTS to give me a notification "small path straight".

By the way, reading waypoints is a function that RunGPS has since years. Meanwhile RunGPS is old (no vector maps, no moving map), but this feature was good and helps alot.

So please integrate it.


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