"User input" tag in Quick WWW bookmark

elmuSSo shared this idea 4 months ago
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May you please implement a special "User input" tag to Quick WWW bookmarks.

It would work like that:

  1. If the tag will be present in URL template
  2. User will get a dialog where he will be able to put any text
  3. This text will be then put in place of the tag (like any other tags)

Why I need it?

Lets say a webpage that i'm bookmarking is taking a special parameter "q" (query) which it uses for searching for particular types of objects within the active mapbox.

So here I would be able to create this template:

This feature could be also supporting multiple named user inputs

https://mapy.cz/zakladni?x={mapLon}&y={mapLat}&z={userInput:'Zoom'}&q={userInput:'Type of object'}
With the above, user would get two dialogs (or two fields in one dialog to fill), with labels:

  • Zoom
  • Type of object