Using Personal map and download missing tiles on the fly

brotbuexe shared this idea 11 years ago
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is it possible to, when I already downloaded a map as a personal map , use this map but also download tiles that are missing and zoomlevels that are missing on the fly (if not in offline mode)?

As I understand from the map manager, the personal map is still "linked" to its corresponding online map (shows the online map name in green color).

For now I could manually download more tiles from the online map and save them inside the personal map. Thats great but on the road its a little complicated.

For example:

I use a vector map as a base layer, and downloaded hiking paths as a overlay, only to zoomlevel 15 in a personal map.

Now when I be on the way I would like to zoom in on some points to see the way in a better resolution.

It should just download the missing tiles for this view on the fly.

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