Vector maps: Cut-off names

Ingo Rau shared this problem 9 years ago

On a vector map, names are cut-off if they are too long.

You can see what's happening, when the map is displayed: Vector maps are obviously also rendered as tiles, first the one in the middle, then the ones around it. Now names are only added for the tile the associated object is part of, and if the name is too long, it's cut off outside the tile.

I added a screenshot: Notice the "Pestalozzibibliothek Altstetten" which has the initial "P" missing, an "Migros Altstetten Neumarkt" is cut-off at the end.

I doesn't happen on my S2, so perhaps it's related to direct/lazy-loading (see here:

Anyway, may be other thing, so here's some important setup info:

Galaxy S4, OpenAndroMap Alps, built-in theme "City", no scaled resolution.

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