Warning when approaching or Alert when entering an airspace - based on OpenAir data

Richard Junger shared this idea 9 years ago
Gathering feedback

Function to be based on OpenAir data

Definition Warning and Alert by airspace class (e.g. E, D, C,ED-R ...):

Show warning if the proximity to an airspace is smaller or equal to the "warning distance" that has been defined for the airspace class and the airspace would be entered based on current hight, course and speed.

Warning: e.g. cursor flashing and play sound and show the time when the airspace would be entered

Show alert if an alert is defined for the airspace class entered.

Alert: Red alert dialog that needs to be confirmed

Would be a great addition for using Locus for flying!

You might want to check the source code from Xcsoar (open source) I think they do have an airspace warning functionality.

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