When downloading logs/updating cache, highlight logs with submitted coordinates

Andris shared this idea 4 years ago
Gathering feedback

If cache owner has messed up and published a bit incorrect coords for his cache and someone who found the cache, uses Groundspeaks feature to add more precise coords to log.

Then if cache owner ignores the log and does not update more precise coords, it would be useful, if after downloading logs, among highlighted logs from your geocaching friends, there would also be highlighted logs where more precise coords are given.

Of course there must be several clauses:

1) If after such log there is corrected coords log from owner, then there is no reason to highlight "more precise coords" log

2) if it's not traditional cache, then maybe also it's not needed

Such feature would help in case you can't find the cache, but the last "more precise coords" log is way in past and owner ignores that coords should be updated.

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