Add a waypoint name or use default on Android Wear

virtualdj shared this idea 7 months ago
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When tapping the Add waypoint icon on the Locus Map for Android Wear application a new waypoint is added to the current track.


Unfortunately, this is not so useful to recall later because it doesn't have a name. Why don't you use the standard Android Wear input screen API to ask for a name (image below)?


In this way one can use the voice-to-text or keyboard to type something to remember later; you can also replace the Ok auto-response above with Auto, which can be tapped by people in a hurry who don't want to type any name and keep the current functionality.

Swiping the screen out instead should cancel the addition of the waypoint.

Finally asking for a name should be added when stopping the record of the track too, even it's not as important as the single waypoint in my opinion.

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Any news about this? Do you think it might be difficult to implement or is it something that is possible?



not implemented yet but definitely something that is possible. I will start working on the new update soon (in 1 or 2 weeks probably) so I will take a look into this how difficult/time consuming it would be to add.


Thanks, that's good news!