Color dialog: Black/White/Gray as Basic Colors; hex input

Ingo Rau shared this idea 1 week ago

Wouldn't it be sensible (and easy) to add Black, White and several Grays (e.g. 20%/40%/50%/60%/80%) to the list of basic colors in the color selection dialog? Now it's always a hassle using the advanced selection (and almost impossible to get identical gray values).

Speaking of identical values: It would also be very helpful to have ahex input field (including alpha value) on the Advanced tab. Right now, you cannot really reproduce manually selected colors.

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Good day Ingo,

this is something I wanted to do quite a long time ago. Even this is probably not too often usable feature, I believe it find it's usage ... at least I hope.

In next version:

- option in first tab will be limited to 22 colors that were analyzed as "most contrast and easily visible even to people with color visibility problems ( source of information in really interesting PDF file here ).

- added new third tab with option to set color by HEX/RGB or HSV value

Enjoy it.


Great, thx! Always nice to have an "idea" you were also thinking about ;)

Also, interesting stuff about colors. Didn't read through the whole doc, but sounds like some people really thought about this stuff...