Export to nextcloud and owncloud

Hans Cilker shared this idea 17 months ago
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at the moment i can choose for Export local, dropbox and google. Is it possible to integrate there Owncloud and Nextcloud.

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If you talk about tracks - then you already can, choose 3rd icon (share), "Share (GPX file)" and then standard list of applications should popup - including OwnCloud client.


I support this idea. More generally a WebDAV interface would be required.


Yes to this! Auto-export to owncloud is highly wanted, and looking at this from a broader perspective, using owncloud for saving all locus settings and data would be awesome.


Interface to Owncloud/Nextcloud is still highly required. Sure, you can use the share functionality to store tracks and pois in OC/NC which I use frequently.

But I would also like to backup my maps in OC/NC!

Currently, if you do not have Dropbox, you need to root your device to access the files. But rooting a device has many disadvantages and I want to get rid of it.

BTW: Personal tracks and pois are very sensitive information which I would not want to store on any servers in the US or elsewhere!