External bluetooth controller - more commands

Evgeny Kurshev shared this idea 7 months ago
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I use external bluetooth controller on my bicycle - this gamepad, manually adopted for handle bar mount (result). This is cool feature!

Please, add this commands to "Hardware buttons" part of config.cfg:

  • Dashboard on/off
  • Open "Quick new point" dialog (definitions tiled list)
  • Speed auto-zoom on/off
  • Zoom lock on/off
  • Swap two last maps

And complex idea: two commands to change map - go up and down by "Quick map switch" list. I understand, that when I change map, this list changes. I don't know good UX solution, bot it will be very useful to cycle through more than two preselected maps using one or two buttons.

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As I'm also a happy user of this feature (see http://help.locusmap.eu/topic/bluettoth-button-integration), I would appreciate having more functions accessible via BT (or any other "keyboard").

Seems like I will have to search for a small device with more buttons, though ;-)


One more wished command :) (after more controller usage)

  • Route recalculation


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More actual description (from another topic):

Simple commands (map existing command to keycode):

- (!) Route recalculation

- (!) Open "Quick new point" dialog

- Dashboard on/off

- Speed auto-zoom on/off

- Zoom lock on/off

New function (but great for bicycle remote control): change maps. I see two simple solutions:

- (simple) change to previous map (== swap two last maps). I can select scheme, then sattelite image. An on bicycle, swap it with one button.

- (complex) two keys for going up and down through "Quick map switch" list.

Current solution with keycodes in config.cfg is very easy to use with cheap gamepad. Now, I don't know how to do this using intents.


@Menion: wouldn't make it sense to give any control/function a certain token and to be able to fire this token via bluetooth.

Of course a control-avalaible-and-input-makes-sense-function needs to be run, but just a detail.

Just an idea.