Using Locus to navigate "by ear" - ver.2

Vyacheslav Rotko shared this idea 2 years ago
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I often ride a bike, including when it rains or when it is very cold. In such conditions, it is problematic to use the phone on the steering wheel (the phone’s protection sweats up / condensate appears inside the protection / the battery capacity drops sharply / the phone may break). Because of this, I use the Locus navigation only by ear.

However, this method of navigation does not allow you to confidently move along the route, because there is not enough information. I have to stop sometimes, get the phone and watch the screen.

I would like to press the headset button or the gamepad button and hear one or several selected commands from the list:

1. distance to the end of the route;

2. distance to the nearest turn;

3. direction of the next turn;

4. distance to the nearest route point;

5. distance from the nearest route point to the next point;

6. direction from the nearest route point to the next point in minutes of time or degrees relative to the previous point of the route;

7. other data that is already present in the audiotrener.

It may be easier to implement through management using intents. Such a decision would also suit me.

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Only if there is a separate attitude for it.By default I do not want to talk to Locus so much.

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