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Mark Reidel shared this idea 5 years ago
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I keep a huge database of geocaches on my mobile and love the ability to filter them for specific attributes. I cannot, however, filter by cache size. I can sort by it, just not filter by it. Sorting would be nice, but then the list has no second sort-key, so filtering would be the best way.

Could you implement a range-narrower the likes of difficulty and terrain? So I could say that I want a cache at least regular size around my current location. I often find myself with rather large travel bugs and am looking for something bigger than a micro or small cache.

It would be even more awesome if you could enable filtering by cache-attributes like night caches, wheel-chair accessible, suited for children, etc. I know that`s much to ask, but as long as you hide them in a collapsible "attributes" or sth. it shouldn`t clutter the interface

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Yeah, this would be great! I have exactly the same use-case. I often search nearest cache where I can put TB and therefore I'd like to filter only normal and large caches.


I would like to use this function too!


same here! Would be really useful if you could filter caches by it's attritutes (for example recommanded for kids)


Good weekend afternoon guys,

I'm glad to announce that since next version (next Beta as well) will be implemented the new filter for

Size (will work even with old geocaching data)


and Attributes (need re-import caches)


Every icon has five states, that change after the click:

  • ignore
  • green ok > attribute in positive version has to be in cache
  • greed ok, red border > attribute in negative version has to be in cache
  • red not-ok > attribute in positive version has NOT to be in cache
  • red not-ok, red border > attribute in negative version has NOT to be in cache

Is such solution usable?


Vypadá to hezky...


I personally used the filters about 5 times in my life and 3 times it was tested. But OK...

I think this feature will satisfy the numerous maniacs filters.

Choosing is logical and OK.

(I assume that some (maniac) will still require a filter by Favorite Points)


I want to remind you that the attributes (some other parameters) are differently used in different countries.

Typical example is that in SK / CZ the attribute "Abandoned Structure" is used for castles and mansions. (Visual appearance of the icon) and is not used for URBEX, abandoned factories, bridges, sewers, etc.

Eventually it is badly used instead of "dangerous area"

Many times, the attributes of the missing will be complete.


Thanks for a feedback Condor.

One idea to discuss. Currently, let's take for example "Dogs" icon.

Options based on my description in the previous post:

  1. ignore
  2. green ok > we want that cache has defined from the owner that dogs are allowed
  3. greed ok, red border > we want that cache has defined from the owner that dogs are not allowed
  4. red not-ok > we want that cache has not defined from the owner that dogs are allowed
  5. red not-ok, red border > we want that cache has not defined from the owner that dogs are not allowed

As I look on this, in most cases we want to know if dogs are allowed or not, right? If so, we may simplify this to only two options

  1. ignore
  2. dogs allowed: condition 2 or 5
  3. dogs not allowed: condition 3 or 4

Is this logic correct? Cache owners: may this lead to unwanted situations like in case I choose "bike allowed" and owner did not defined that bikes are not allowed?

Feedback welcome.


Menion this logic at first glance simple but ... I do not know ... ultimately complicated. It does not look for attributes that do not have a ban.

It must be unambiguous and the same for all attributes.

It does matter which attribute I filter. I either search for it and want it, or I do not want it. Just two options. (3rd ignorance).

I would not complicate thinking about what he wants.


Green OK to Red Dog Bans.

Yes, I'm looking for a cache where a dog is banned.

This is logical and right without thinking.


Gsak has the following options:

yes: Attribute set +

no: Attribute set -

none: Attribute is not set

also it has the checkboxes:

all of the following attributes

any of the follwing attributes

Cachbox has checkboxes for:





All of these filters should be for me and logical use if they would work when downloading caches (G4L) or displaying an active map.

Download hundreds or thousands of caches and then look for some that I want? Hmm ...

For this purpose, it is advisable to use another method and option at this time.

Of course, this feature is very good too!


The new filter options are amazing!!! Thank you so much for implementing that feature!!!