GPS auto-off now working when screen is off

Martin Lazar shared this problem 1 week ago
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GPS auto-off feature works well, when "Keep auto-off enabled" is enabled and screen is on. When screen is off, the recorded track is smooth without any marks for GPS off. I tested it with "Min accuracy" sets to 1m to force GPS off even if there is a good signal. When "Keep auto-off enabled" is disabled, the GPS auto-off does not works at all.

Note, when GPS auto-off works (screen is on, "Keep auto-off enabled" is enabled), there is no beep/sound from "Position lost" notification, when the GPS is automatically turned off. I expected it notify me when the GPS is off.

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Hi Martin,

are you a beta tester? We've just rebuilt getting location in Locus and it's available for testing in Locus Beta version available at Google PLa ( Perhaps the rebuild solves also your issue. Could you please test it?



I tested the beta version Now its better, but still not OK. When the screen is on, it works as expected. When the screen is off, it looks like the "GPS update interval" and "Max search time" is always 300 seconds, regardless of the real settings.


Good day Martin,

may you please give it one more try with today published Beta version? I'm testing it now and can't simulate same problem you describe. Thanks!


I tested the version updated today - 3.30.3 RC. I can still reproduce it. I tested it with the following settings:

  • GPS update interval: 60sec
  • Min accuracy: 1m
  • Max search time: 60sec
  • Keep auto-off enabled: true

In the attachment, there is a recorded a run (record settings: 1m OR 5sec). The important events from the record:

  • [18:17:05] start recording, screen is on
  • [18:17:57] GPS OFF (screen is still on, GPS auto-off works)
  • [18:19:00] GPS ON (~60sec, OK)
  • [18:19:56] GPS OFF (~60sec, OK)
  • [18:21:04] GPS ON (~60sec, OK)
  • [18:21:30±5s] I turn off the screen
  • [18:24:13] GPS OFF (~240 sec!, screen is still off, GPS auto-off somehow works, but does not follow the settings)
  • [18:29:19] GPS ON (~300 sec!)
  • [18:34:13] GPS OFF (~300 sec!)
  • [18:39:18] GPS ON (~300 sec!)
  • [18:39:40±5s] I turned the screen on
  • [18:44:07] stop recording (screen is still on, GPS is ON)

Note, after I turned the screen on, the GPS auto-off not working.


Thanks for a testing Martin!

I finally found a source of troubles. I do not know what Android version you have, but optimizations made by Google in latest version case, that method I use to wake up device after the defined time, has new limits. Based on the state of the device, this is degraded to use only once per minute/three/five and even 15 in special "doze mode". In you case, it only works once per three minutes.

I've made small improvement and added one more method that may wake up device after the defined time, but can't guarantee it will work as expected. We will see in next version ;).

Thanks for now.