"Locus - addon GSAK Database" add-on is no longer being supported

Dave shared this problem 2 years ago

The "Locus - addon GSAK Database" add-on is no longer being supported. I just wasted quite a lot of time trying to use the add-on with Locus so I could import GSAK databases for use while geocaching. Since the add-on is no longer being supported and no longer works with the current versions of GSAK or the current verison of Locus I really think it should not be mentioned on your website. I realize your company did not develop the add-on, but I did learn about it through your web site. This experience has been frustrating and disappointing to say the least. I am wondering if you could possibly develop such an add-on? I would seriously reconsider using Locus for geocaching if it could import GSAK databases.

Regards,Dave Mayer

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Good day Dave,

I've marked "Kuřátko" (add-on developer) as responsible person for this topic with hope, we will get some response from him on your problems.



I've communicated with the add-on developer and he confirmed he'd stopped the development due to his being too busy elsewhere. However, the code of the add-on is open for development by somebody else: https://github.com/radimvaculik/LocusAddonGsakDatabase


I have installed the GSAK AddOn not knowing it has not been supported anymore. However, it works quite fine for me...