Magnifying lenses for quick measure of distance between two points

jimmyfromthepieshop shared this idea 3 days ago
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Would it be possible to add a magnifying lens (like when editing track points) to each end of the line when doing a quick two-finger measurement between two points?

This would make it possible to see exactly where the ends of the line are. Currently when I want to measure a distance it is extremely difficult to get it exact because the ends of the line are hidden under my fingers (and I have only average-sized fingers!) making the accuracy no better than what I can estimate using the scale or distance rings.

Thanks in advance for considering this idea.


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Good day guys,

interesting idea. I firstly thought it will be "piece of cake" and nice task to start with today after vacation and in the end if was half day fight :).

I may gladly say that this is partially done. You will see in next version. Currently it really just display two smaller circles about start/end points of line that has scaled part of map below fingers. Current limitation is that it does not work in case of map rotation, it does not display content on map in most cases ( only scaled map itself ).

I also see issue with this "Quick measure" tool that it still keep active pinch zoom. Any idea how to decide "when to stop pinch to zoom" action? Maybe tap by third finger should keep "quick measure", but disable "pinch zoom"?


Somehow it needs to be addressed...

Maybe it would take some time out after touching two fingers without moving. After this time, pause the active zoom.

500-1000ms? You have to try. This solution seems reasonable to me.

Further addition:

Measurement and line view would also occur after this time.

It would be clear when the active zoom is active or when the measurement is already in progress.


I was also thinking about some "timeout", but from my experience, I sometimes pinch zoom quite slowly to get rounded zoom value and then it should be a problem. Anyway probably all will agree that a lot more use-friendly should be when pinch zoom and quick measure working separately, so one or another, not both at once like now.

Oki, I'll try to do something to next beta based on timeout ...


Hi Menion, first off thanks for getting started on this idea so quickly! Many other software companies should take a leaf out of your book when it comes to customer feedback...

Anyway, I think I have a possible solution to the problem of the quick measure tool and zooming happening at the same time:

If I press and hold with two fingers for a short time (I think 2 sec) then the measure tool should appear and the zoom function should be locked.

If I press with two fingers and move them straightaway the zoom should appear and the measure tool should remain invisible, even if you then pause zooming or zoom extremely slowly. The measure tool can then only be used if you remove your fingers from the screen and start again.

This way I think you can keep both functions using the same trigger but not appearing simultaneously, and you would still be able to zoom slowly to get a round value.