New route planning - add car time estimate

Condor shared this idea 9 months ago
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It would be sufficient to simply calculate the adjustable average speed.

(default, for example 80km/h)

A better ideal option would be by road category.

For example:

Local (city) road, II. III. - 40 km/h

Main Route, I. - 80 km/h

Highway - 120 km/h

I do not know what criteria Locus is working on.

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I will add that there are 4 data in the information bar.

(km, + UPm, -DOWNm, graph)

3 data show the height of the route.

Could there be one route time detail?

The distance and the estimated time are based on route information.

Climbing, descending, chart, and more in detailed info, or under the chart after the eject.


+1See also my suggestion for vehicle types for Travel Time calculation -


Please join these topics.


I respect the locus primarily for tourism and cycling.

But why to force tourists and cyclists not to use Locus in the car for a trip?

The geocaching group also uses the car to travel to nature.


Note there are already track activity choices for: car, truck, motorcycle, public transport. Seems unnecessary restriction although I can appreciate the calculation could potentially be far more complex - walkers & cyclists move at fairly constant speed whereas motorized vehicles can move at widely varying speed depending on road category.