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Offline navigation

Collecting votes Calogero Locus Map Comments: 22 Reply 15 months ago by Jürgen G.
36 votes

Multiple waypoint navigation?

Collecting votes Charles Q. Locus Map Comments: 11 Reply 3 years ago by 0709
19 votes

Navigation for imported track

Collecting votes Hrabosh Locus Map Comments: 32 Reply 6 months ago by freischneider
19 votes

Distance to specific point (VIA point) in navigation mode

Collecting votes Marius M. Locus Map Comments: 13 Reply 7 months ago by Stephan
18 votes

Allow track style during navigation

Collecting votes Andrew H. Locus Map Comments: 8 Reply 5 months ago by Tapio
15 votes

Automatic end of navigation, when reach a destination

Completed Josef Ž. Locus Map Comments: 6 Reply 2 years ago by Henk v.
14 votes

Recalculate/reroute navigation with add/remove route points

Collecting votes Robert T. Locus Map Comments: 12 Reply 2 months ago by Menion
13 votes

Overlap of altitude profiles for route alternatives

Collecting votes fluorescein Locus Map Comments: 1 Reply 6 months ago by freischneider
12 votes
12 votes
10 votes

Use routing API for motorcycle routes

Collecting votes Alexander Locus Map Comments: 2 Reply 26 days ago by Gerald S.
10 votes

Editable names of routing profiles

Collecting votes Christian Locus Map Comments: 1 Reply 12 months ago by freischneider
9 votes

Locus route(rte) file import to navigate

Completed 0709 Locus Map Comments: 5 Reply 2 months ago by Menion
9 votes