POI import not happening in background, gets stuck

Lux Calor shared this problem 4 weeks ago
In Progress

I am trying to import a large database of POİs (30.000+) in .kml files to Locus through Import function in the Data screen. Operation starts ok, then screen goes off (phone lock) and operation stops. To resume it and keep it going I need to unlock the phone and keep the screen on all the time. Then, after around 4000 points operation stops anyway with the message "working..." hanging there forever.

Map Items are stored on internal memory.

Android 5.1

Locus 3.28.1

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Good day Lux,

this seems to me more like some problem with setup of device & Locus Map. Don't you use any "stamina" mode on your device, or just some tool that optimize memory and battery usage? Because Locus itself does not stop import when screen goes off, so it more looks like your device put Locus to some "sleep" mode.

When you set longer interval till screen goes off, what happen? Is then Locus able to import your huge dataset?