How do I get Garmin Connect to show also recorded track information when using locus for garmin?

Mike Couwenbergh shared this question 23 months ago

After my first hike in the montains using locus map for garmin I noticed that the track information is not shown in garmin connect app and website. All other information like alevation, pace, hart rate and distance can be seen in the connect app and website. When i use other apps for example the standard walk app the track information is shown as expected. So how do I get the recorded track information also synchronised to garmin connect from my watch? I have a garmin Vivoactive 4 and a Samsung S8 smartphone and installed the latest versions of Locus Map Pro and Locus for Garmin just a few days ago.

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this seems like another temporary issue on Garmin side. If you record the track by Garmin GPS withing the app, every information incl. track are recorded just like when you record them with some native activity app.

I did experience similar issue on Garmin Connect once, but that activity wasn't even recorded by Locus Map for Garmin. You are first to report such issue with relation to Locus Map, so I hope Garmin will fix your issue. We are unable to do anything to fix such behaviour of Garmin Connect on our side.

Can you please share whether all activities recorded by Locus Map for Garmin behave like this? If your activity is public, can you please share with us the url of it for verification?

Thanks, Jan


I have noticed that the problem is that the locus app has on screen GPS status SRCH. I think that this meens that the app does not have a GPS location availble. When I at that moment I stop the locus app and start a native garmin app then this app needs a few seconds after which it says GPS ready. And then I see the track recording information. And also when the Locus app reports GPS fix then I also get track recording information. So its all about the GPS that is not always working with the locus app. But at the same time GPS works with other apps. And yes all other recorded information is always available in Garmin connect so it is only GPS information that is missing which causes this problem.

In the next days I wll do some more testing to see what I can do to get GPS status FIX instead of SRCH.


Hi Mike,

interesting. And that distance value for activity with missing GPS info was correct? Do you have some other sensor which is able to measure distance during your hikes? Because if not, that means that the GPS had to work during your activity.

App gets information of GPS status from Garmin firmware and there is not much way hot to affect it, so don't know why do you get difference between Locus Map and native activity app.

If you find out more details about that behaviour, I will appreciate if your share it with me.



About the distance value, well it's not in the recording so not found in garmin connect, but during the activity the app does give accurate direction information. I have the Garmin VivioActive 4 which has other sensors. For example, barometric altimeter, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer which could be used but I think that GPS was working.

Currently I am hiking in the Swiss alps. My experience the last days is that I may not start recording if the GPS is not on FIX. If I do that no track is recorded. I also noticed that an activity pause switches the GPS status from FIX to SRCH. This happens automatically so I did not manually paused the recording. Ans when this happens there is also no recording.

What I also so changed was selected walk instead of hike for the recording. I did that because I compared the GPS status with the native walk app. So I have a few things that I want to test. For example, does the chosen activity to record have impact on the recording. And what happens with the recording if I close the app accidental,

Currently Garmin service are down so I can’t test anything now. I hope they get back online soon and that not all my recorded data is lost anyway.

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