Automatically add photos taken same time as a track, as waypoints with photo attachment

Alistair Parsons shared this idea 3 years ago
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Automatic add photos dated same day as track

From a track menu automatically select all geotagged photos /poi near a track, taken on same day as the track, and add as waypoints to the track, the viewranger app had this feature added last year.

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Hello Samuel[]=geotagged&s[]=photos#map_layers

with locus PRO it´s possible to display geotagged photos at the right place on map inside locus.

You can specify folders and subfolders from which the images will be displayed, so you can copy photos from different tours to separat folders/subfolders.

Or do you want to merge photos and track from a tour?



Yep, I remember... I know this feature, but it's not binded to the tour, but a global functionality.

I like t see only my photos from this tour I've selected... E.g. via the Detail-View -> Attachments


Ok, +1 from me

for now you can reach it via detours

- hide all POI´s and tracks inside locus

- display one tour/track on map

- and also the corresponding pictures

next: menu/more functions/share/scroll down to "all as kmz

this kmz can be used inside locus as well on PC with google earth


I added a similar idea the other day

At the moment its very long winded

photo layer, click each photo in turn, create point, edit track, copy waypint from point, set image as icon,

do this for every photo taken during track, as long as there arent any past photos taken in same area!!

hide photo layer

show just track

Lots of repetive tasks, ideal for something to make quicker with new features, and now 2 different people in space of a week have requested.


Hi guys,

nice idea, thanks! I've merged both similar topics into one.

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