Set functions right panel - Volume

Skater shared this idea 24 days ago

Set functions right panel - Volume

Add function button - Volume: Increase / Decrease / Mute

The smartphone is completely packed. The keys are covered.

Therefore the volume control must be done on the touch screen: function button.

Thanks in advanced

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when i cycle my phone is in a waterproof pouch and keys are inaccessible. volume control seems quite specific and might only help small amount users, what might be more usefull is to allow standard android system shortcuts to be added to function panel. like it does the apps. or possibly allow tasker tasks using the locus taser plugin.

a quick fix for skater in the meantime is: install tasker, create 3 tasks for mute, volume up, volume down

repackage as apps using app factory

add this apps to function menu


Thanks for the idea Skater,

I also think that Alistair is correct. Your use-case is really specific and in such needs, there are options like external hardware controller (like nice Carpe Iter) or additional floating buttons created by tasker.



Thanks for the quick assessment of the situation and possibilities.

I looked for an app and found one.

Now I have one with the functionality I want: Knobby

(There are probably other apps)

Tasker, I already have it, I'll try it.