Customisable infomation boxes on compass screen

Alistair Parsons shared this idea 3 years ago
Gathering feedback

There are 5 infomation boxes on the bottom of the compass screen,

When guiding along a route we get useful information boxes at the top of the screen, which are customisable.

It would be useful if we could customise the boxes on the compass screen as well.

Also the declination box is quite wide, it looks like there would be space to have 3 boxes here

Bearing to target point would be useful. While you can rotate phone until guide arrow is at the top of screen, its only by eye, you have to go back to the map screen, to get the bearing,

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This suggestion/idea came after a discussion on wanting to make the compass screen as useable for users.

initial discussion:


This would be nice. The "compass" screen would be a lot more useful if the boxes could occupy more space and be configurable to show only what we want to show. Little information but very clear. Tilt and yaw optional not compulsory..

In my case I would set it up like a Garmin compass screen and use it for navigation to waypoints at sea (boxes for waypoint bearing, distance to wp, my heading, speed). In bad weather we just want something really clear.


In the mean time you could have a dashboard pop up on top of the compass

using tasker, you can run a task to call the compass, and then call a specific dashboard.

But for the future, it would make sense to make the compass screen behave just like the dashboard but with a section for configurations.

Would be interesting if the compass rose of the compass screen could be placed in dashboard sections, viewranger offers this and also other guages like speedometers

so rather than having speed as a decimal , it could be meter like in a car.

If locus could have an option to use default compass, or choose a dashboard for compass purposes, then for those of us who want the custiomisation we can set one up

some people for example when they want the compass, just want a very small one in the top of the screen.

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