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Slavek shared this question 16 months ago

Are there some details on how the automatic backups work? I have configured automatic backup to Google Drive couple of days ago but from that time only two backups were created (configured to backup every day). Now the UI for backup configuration has changed little bit and I wonder how it works (at what time? the application decides? has there to be a change in the routes in order a new backup is created etc).


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Hello Slavek,

old system that used exactly defined time was never perfectly reliable. We many times notice problems with executing "on time", so it was with recent version completely removed.

The new system uses a new Google-provided library that takes care of the execution of the backup task in the optimal moment, based on conditions specified by Locus Map itself.

Current conditions are

  • not a critical level of the battery
  • not a critical level of free empty storage
  • the device in the idle mode > so not actively used

If these conditions are made, the system should order Locus Map to do a backup. Because of these conditions, there may be a delays, so based on my testing, I have usually 6 backups per week if set every day.

Feel free to ask if you have any additional questions.


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