Move 'centre map to GPS location' button - for right handed use.

Thomas Ely shared this question 25 days ago

Hi, is there a way to change the bottom panel layout to move the 'center map to gps location' over to the right? Only when cycling I want to be able to scan around before press it with my right thumb to snap back to my position- without risking dropping phone! Have looked in settings and other threads here but can't find the answer! Thanks, Thomas

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Hi Thomas,

we are sorry but the bottom panel is not configurable. You can set the centering button to self-center after some time (default is 5 sec) - long-press it and check "Hold map center".

If you need to change the "hold map center" timeout, activate the expert settings ( and change the value at the "Hold map center timeout" parameter.


Please change the position. It's dangerous for users and phones since you have to focus and stretch your thumb to the max. Put it on the other side, for most people are right-handed, or even better, center it or make it float.

So annoying, even after years of use.


Fine to keep phone or GPS in hand in Belgium: 95 euros.

A handlebar holder is cheaper and certainly safer.