Navigation with solely acoustic commands

Michael Schenk shared this idea 3 years ago
Gathering feedback


I intend to use the navigation function with solely acoustic commands. As a testcase I created a (wellknown) track with routing points using Graph Hopper. Creation went fine, the resulting GPX is attached.

Generally it would be helpful to include the content of the fields <cmt> resp. <locus:rteStreet> in the navigation commands. I also appreciate an extra command ca. 10m before reaching the waypoint (something like 'NOW turn left <cmt>'.

While navigating with Locus certain suggestions became apparent (see attached screenshots):

01: While returning from west to the track it would be helpful to get two commands:

1 'turn right to get back on track'

2 'you're back on track'

02: I decided to use an alternative way, see green arrow. Approaching the original track (and the corresponding waypoint) the command 'turn right' was given. That's not really helpful. Better give two commands similar to 01.

03: see 02.

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