Can't buy locoins, Cod 6, msg code: 11367

Constance Holman shared this problem 3 years ago
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Hi, I just installed Locus map pro on my android phone, was able to purchase and install it through Google play with no problems. However, when I want to buy locoins, the above error pops up. I have also tried clearing the cache of Google play and Google play services, plus restarting my device, but nothing so far has helped.

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I'm very sorry for the problem is caused by Google Play. Google Play responses with ERROR code 6

This is an unknown Google Play error and there is no suggestion to solve it. Please check that you use the latest version of the Google Play app (open Google Play > menu > Settings > Version Google Play > tap on version code to check if the version is up to date. Please try again to delete data for Google Play and Google Play services.

Anyway, if the issue still occurs, I'd suggest contacting Google Play support and ask for help with the mentioned ERROR 6.

Please inform me about the progress


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