Install Pro on Huawei P40 lite

Kevin Campbell shared this problem 5 months ago

Hi, I purchased Pro on the Google Play Store using my old phone then tried to port it to my new Huawei P40 Lite. The free version worked on my p40 lite so I purchased the pro. I got an install error then checked your forums to see that it might be a problem with not having Google Services installed. I then purchased it via Amazon Appstore, however I still get error code 1811.

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Dear Kevin.

this error appears in the case, Locus Map is unable to connect to the required service provider (Google Play). Usually, it means app is not installed and up-to-date. Also, stable internet connection is needed for license validation. So please check your Google account in your device.

Best regards.

Adela Voldanova


and please update version Locus pro on Amazon!