Automatic backup misbehavior

Alex Guerrazzi shared this problem 12 days ago
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Since last month, Locus Map started performing several automatic backups one after another, instead of just one per day. Backup files are created correctly and uploaded to cloud as expected, but the backup process starts again and again after some time (1-3 hours), and it's performed 8-10 times on every scheduled day.

My current settings are:

Repeat every 4 days

Keep last 3 backup files

Upload backup to cloud (Dropbox)

Everything was working fine previously, it started misbehaving after the 3.47.0 update early last month.

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Hello Alex,

since 3.47 version, system for automatic backups was highly updated. Anyway till now, you are the only one who write us about this problem.

May you please cancel backup and set it again? If it does not help, may you please try to create a backup of settings and share it with me? I may then try to simulate that same problem on own device. Anyway it's really weird to be true.



Hello Menion,

I have already tried setting backup again before opening this ticket, but it didn't help.

I know it's weird, but it's happening. Screenshots of my Notification center panel are attached here, you can see backups being executed multiple times at random hours...

I can send you a backup of my settings, should I open a private ticket for that?

Thank you.