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Showing points from the search results list.

pelsta shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

When I view my list of points and tap on the POINT ICON, this point is immediately shown on the map. This is a great solution.


When I browse the search results in points list and tap on the point icon, the point properties screen is displayed, not the map.

I find this illogical.

In both cases Locus should react equally to tapping the icon.

Please correct it.

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Hello pelsta,

both lists are quite different. The result of searches, as well as list of nearest points, is a simple list without any extra information and also without any extra functionality. Lists in the data manager screen are more complex with advanced functionality (so it is easy to add function like click on the icon).

From the usability side, clicking on the icon on the left side of the list is a little unusual in the Locus Map. If, then this feature is more often used for some kind of multi-selection. So I would rather stick with current solution for now.

Thanks for understanding,


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