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search for Rother routes in the store

freischneider shared this question 2 years ago

You have a lot of Rother routes in the store. These are very good. But how do I find it where I need it. I'm going on vacation to a certain city. Now I want to look for Rother routes around this city. But I can't find a way to do that. I can narrow down Land and Rother. Then I can still restrict hiking. But there is no sorting by current location or by map center (crosshairs)

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you're right. The current behavior isn't ideal, we are planning to implement a better system that allows search and filter track directly on the map. I can suggest the following workaround:

  • Open Menu > Store > Routes > product lines Rother > in the list of track is blue map button > tap on it to browse routes on the map

Thanks, Petr

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