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Open geo reference compass pointer

Alistair Parsons shared this idea 3 years ago

Is there a way to open an intent with geo coordinates and go straight to the compass guide, showing distance and direction to said coordinates

at the moment its several steps

i have been using the radar library, but that no longer works on my new phone, suspect pie issue

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Hello Alistair,

this should be doable with so-called "Action tasks". Check the wiki manual for Locus API here.

Anyway you will need an updated Locus Map version, because both features are not yet available.

So in next 3.49+ version will be

- function: screen_compass >

- guide_to >

I've added a sample of what you need to the end of the wiki here, so check it (new version planned to the middle of October, or you may try any coming Beta version) and let me know if it works.




Thats perfect

Both for guiding and simply a shortcut to go straight to compass

will be able to send a location from computer, or copy from txt message/email and click to straight to guiding in locus using tasker.

eagerly awaiting the next beta

Thanks Menion!


Thanks Menion

Works perfectly

I can send a location straight from web browser on PC and it opens up guiding automatically

And for when i have gloves on i shake the phone to get my dashboard up, and can just shake again to get the compass without needing to take gloves off to press the small buttons.



hmm sounds good ;), perfect!


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