"Run Locus Map as service" - inappropriate wording in status bar

Stefan Hoffmeister shared this problem 26 days ago
In Progress

When Locus Map is configured to run as a service, the "L" symbol appears in the status bar. Pulling the status bar down, yields information text which has the following wording:


"Locus Map is running

Run Locus Map as service"


"Locus Map wird ausgeführt

starte Locus Map als Service"

The wording of the second line each, in both languages, is grammatically confusing, the labels indicates that an action _can_ be taken, instead of reporting a status (I suspect this originates from recycling a configuration label). Better wording would be:

English: "Run Locus Map as service" -> "Running Locus Map as a service"

German: "starte Locus Map als Service" -> "Locus Map wird als Service ausgeführt"

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Hi Stefan,

thank you for your notice. Yes, you are right, the text is copied from the configuration setting. It'll be reworded.