Indirect Tire Presure Control for cycling 2-, 3- or 4 wheeled bicycles

Otfried Berges shared this idea 21 days ago

Since Locus is able to connect to at least 2 different BTLE or ANT+ Speedsensors here is my suggestion to use this data:

Locus could average all active speed sensors ( 2 to 4). This value is then displayed for example in the dashboard. In this way, fluctuations in the speedometer display could be minimized.

But that's not the biggest advantage: the data of all connected sensors make it possible to recognize, if there is one wheel that apparently does a longer distance than all the others, or whether all wheels seem to run more distance compared to the GPS track.

This could then be displayed with dots for each wheel next to the speedometer or in a separate field in the dashboard. The color of the points could change from green (ok) to red (difference detected) for each dot seperate. (To avoid wrong warnings there should be a warning threshold of about 5 to 10% aberation. Furthermore the calculation should be reset every 10 up to 20 km if there is no warning.)

Background: on a normal two-wheeler you can see every wheel while driving. This is often difficult with three-wheelers, but impossible with a velomobile (3 to 4 wheels). At the moment there are actually BTLE pressure sensores for bicycles, but they are only available for 2 wheels. In addition, these sensors are very expensive, at least € 150. Locus could implement a unique selling point here that would be considerably cheaper for the user. BTLE speed sensors currently cost around € 17. Something like this would be interesting for velomobiles, trikes, all normal bikes and also for air pressure monitoring of bicycle trailers.

Me myself I drive around 16,000km per year with my velomobile and use a standard speedometer and a BTLE speed sensor on the second front wheel. A few days ago I mounted a second BTLE sensor at the rear wheel. Unfortunately I can only compare the values ​​of both BTLE sensors in the Bluetooth settings. However, the comparison with the display of the normal speedometer, at several incidents already indicated that one wheel had lost air pressure (it went down from 7.5 to around 4 bar when I realised it).

If you are interested in realising this unique feature, I would very much apreciate in supporting you by my experiances and testings.

Regards from Münster (Germany),


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Hello Otfried,

I've read your idea more than once to get the correct picture of it.

I do not have numbers in my hands to confirm my expectation, but I can't imagine that more people use more than a single speed sensor on own bikes. Locus Map allows to connect more than one sensor, this is correct, but information from the first sensor is then useless, they are lost

Your idea is interesting, but it is really highly specific feature for a tiny number of users, like you.

So thanks for interesting idea, but I have to decline. It is not in our human/time sources to implement this.

Thanks for understanding,

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hi Menion,

Thank you for trying to understand my idea. Maybe your right that this stuff would only be interesting for a few users.

By reading in I know that there are interested people, but nobody believes in it, or knows a way to realise it conveniant.

Meanwhile I have another idea and found some helping people for developing it.

Nevertheless integrating it in Locus would have been my favorit solution, but I understand your human/time source problem.

Regards, Otfried