Does live tracking work using watch ?

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I test glympse and see discover that there is an option to track gps in real time in locus map !!!

I want to be track in real time using a celullar watch + locus map + Live Tracking service .

Does live tracking add in work on wear OS and Tizen OS ?

Can i configure service to be track 24h/24h ?

Is there a way to define the interval of time beetween each track to save battery ?

Which watch/OS is optimize for limit battery use ?


Android/Wear OS = Oppo Watch , LG Watch Sport , Huawei watch 2 classic sport , ZTE Quartz

Tizen OS = Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 , Samsung Galaxy watch

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Yes and no

locus cant run directly on a wearOS watch, the wearOS app talks to the device running android.

you dont mention whether you will have an android smartphone with you

if you do, you can start and stop live tracking on phone from watch using tasker and autowear plugin

autowear basically calls tasker tasks from the watch.

the only way to have standalone would be to have a watch that runs full android like the ticwris max.

i use live tracking 24hrs a day by using tasker to manually upfate livetracking position once an hour, and if im moving, then i normally just get wearOS watch to open locus, which in turn automatically starts live tracking.

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