Use of Locus Map Pro both on a smartphone and a laptop

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Can I download and use Locus Map Pro on my laptop after I have purchased it for my smartphone?

On my smartphone, it works perfectly but I would prefer to plan my bike tours on the laptop using Locus Map and then download a track on my smartphone. If it is possible, what have I to do to download Locus Map on my laptop?

Google always "knows" who I am and that I have already downloaded Locus on my smartphone. I can't 'convince' Google to download Locus also on my laptop.

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You dont say whether laptop runs windows or ChromeOS, chromeOS supports android apps, however untill locus has a syncing feature you would have to transfer it across

if laptop is running windows, you can use an android emulator like bluestacks.

or if you want to control the phone directly, you use use an app like vysor that puts image of phone on laptop screen, and you can type in to it with laptop keyboard, and control it with mouse, but data is still on the phone.

If your phone is samsung, you could use the microsoft my phone app which acts like vysor

However this might all change if there is a web version of locus in the future.....



Locus is an Android app. So you can use it on ChromeOS as @Alistair mentioned or it's needed to use any Android simulator. Please see Please check aslo "Nox" android emulator that isn't mentioned in the article.

Thanks, Petr


Petr, first of all, many, many thanks to you and Alistair for your quick answer. I appreciated it very much!

However, I have to say – and you will not be surprised – that that all emulgator programs that you mention do not really make fun. They are slow, not very comfortable to handle, do not recognize my location and so on. Of course, I realized that you made some suggestions, for example, how to tell the program your location. But I decided not to use them at the moment and do hope that you will develop a Window compatible “LocusMap” in the near future.

But I think you understand my interest to develop routes at a laptop instead on a smartphone. My question: what program do you recommend to do this and then to send the tracks onto the smartphone? Perhaps you have a suggestion for me.

This is a good opportunity to ask you another question and I hope you feel not bothered. I'm still a novice, using your program no longer than two weeks or so and have not made long bicycle journeys, to date. Making some little experiments to plan a route, I became aware that the automatic suggestions of the program are mostly rather good but could be sometimes better, for example, by using more routes off the street roads, in the green and nature, you know. So, if Locus displays a route, it would be great you could take this as a ‘basis’ but change the route at 2 or 3 points and plan/draw an alternative route at these points and then come back to the Locus route. However, I only managed to draw the whole route (using “points”) even on those Locus routes which were okay for me. It was not possible for me to ‘link’ my ideas and the Locus route. Ok, I admit, only a little problem but perhaps, there is a solution and you can tell me where I can find this solution in the User Guide.

That's all for today, thank you again for your help


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There will be a web version at some point, where route planning through web interface, and then sync back to phone, and POI/track management on web interace, they are alpha testing the basic data sync at the moment.

But there probably wont be a windows version. web version cross platform after all

but it wont have all the features of the android app.

Re route editing, you can add via points on the intial planning screen

or after route is made, you can edit it

click on the route, click infomation, when the route info pops up, click end arrow, and then route planner/modify track


Dear Wolfgang,

I can understand you. For this reason, we're working on a web planner where will be possible to plan your route on the desktop and send the planned route to your mobile device.

Regarding the route planning: please check the article about a route planner feature - How to edit already created route is well described



And while waiting, I find very handy.

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