Install Locus Map on new Huawei devices (no Google Play)

Ida Powązka shared this question 2 months ago

hi Menion, How to install in on Huawei devices which have blocked Google Play?

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Hello Ida,

unfortunately, this is not (yet) possible. Locus Map, Free, and also Pro version are not available over Huawei AppGallery application.

We are currently preparing the new Locus Map 4 version. Once it will be published (during the next few months), Huawei will be discussed in our team. We are also waiting on the global opinion on Huawei company. Time will show.

Thanks for understanding,

Jiří M. aka Menion


Similar. I Have Locus Map Pro on a phone with Google Play. Now got a Huawei P40 Lite and cannot transfer the Program & licence. This seems very limiting. There are now a lot of Huawei phone users now.