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James Decker shared this idea 15 days ago

Just back from a 50 mile hike in Yosemite. I installed LocusMap on the Onyx Poke2 color e-ink device which runs Android 9. The Poke2 e-ink display offers an amazing low-power/long-battery large touchscreen alternative to phone or tablet displays. It's my hope that it will replace my Garmin 60Cx which has a 2"x4" screen, painfully slow redraw, bulky and battery burner.

The Onyx Poke2 worked out great, very happy so far except it's e-ink doesn't handle LocusMap panel or button transparency very well. Grey panel transparency renders as nearly-white, so I get white buttons on a light grey background. They're all nearly invisible. I'm still new to LocusMap and wondering if there are ways to modify the UI so that panels aren't transparent at all, just solid gray/black. "Function is beauty" I always say, and honestly nothing is gained by having a bit of ghosted map appear behind the top and bottom panels. Comparing the eink display to LocusMap on my phone allowed me to memorize what buttons were where, but I'll have to relearn them before each trip.

One further problem on the e-ink displays, LocusMap button text renders as a spindly outline so against the dark button background the text is illegible. The same is true with so top panels and buttons in pop-up windows are nearly illegible blobs. I'll attach a couple of pics. You'll notice the clock/wifi/battery text is all legible while LocusMap text is spindly and unreadable. Any hope for a UI tweak that could improve this? Thanks for your suggestions.

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I see this page but alas I'm not an Android developer. Any idea how involved it may be to tackle the two UI glitches described above? Is this major undertaking or a quick line edit?



Hello James,

this is not an easy task. It seems to be not just about a color. Because on the first screenshot is visible, that some parts of UI has a dark background and some fully transparent. But Locus Map has on all visible components same semi-transparent color.

This looks like a complex task with detection of Onyx device on-the-fly and applying special customized theme to whole app. I understand that it may be useful to use such device in the field, but for us, it looks like enormous amount of work.

So sorry, we do not currently have enough free time for this.

Thanks for understanding,

Jiří M. aka Menion