no connection Locus Map Pro to Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Gabriele Horvath shared this question 16 months ago

I already went to settings, applications, Samsung Accessory Service and deleted

data and cache, but still, after opening Locus Map Pro, my Galaxy Watch Active2 cannot be connected.

Before, the connection worked for about 2-3 months and suddenly without changing anything, it stopped.

Please help me because the main reason to buy the watch was the wish to use Locus Map!



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Hi Gabriele,

check all system permissions for Locus Map in your phone and also your BT connection. Make sure Locus is excluded from all means of battery optimization ( or here: Try also restarting or reinstalling both Locus Map in the phone and also the addon in your watch.


Message for Gabriele

Did you try Michal's solutions and connect with success your galaxy Watch Active 2 to Locus map Pro ?


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