Add "Edit" and "Delete" to Track and Point context menu

StehtimSchilf shared this idea 11 days ago


in order to delete a track or a point displayed on the map I have to perform the following steps:

  1. tap the track
  2. tap the "right arrow" from context menu
  3. tap "track detail"/"Details" in the context menu
  4. tap the "up arrow"
  5. Either hit "Edit info" or "Delete"

IMHO "editing info" and deleting "tracks/points" are so ocmmon tasks you perform after recording or placing tracks/points.

Can't you add "Edit" and "Delete" in the first context menu (that one showing on tapping the "right arrow")? Almost every object browser on any application provides "Edit", "Delete", "Properties" in its context menu.

Would be nice to add those actions there.

Thank you very much

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firstly, you do not have to tap on point 2. "right arrow", simply tap on the rest of popup window.

Please open menu > settings > Points & tracks > Point/track label content ... and here choose options you wants to see in these menus.

Hope this helps!



Excellent user friendly application settings!

That's exactly what I was looking for! just awesome!

This idea is solved.