Locus under Android 11

Martin Fd shared this question 17 days ago

Hi there

last week I received the update to Android 11 on my Pixel 3a and since then I have had the problem that my beloved Locus App very often reacts very slowly.

For example, it takes a long time to open the datails to a cache and then switch to the listing or the waypoints etc. and also deleting temporary data takes an extremely long time.

And when closing Locus an error message appears every time after a few seconds (see appendix) and then disappears again a bit later.

Maybe the problem has already come to you and we can hope for a remedy soon? It's no fun at the moment ...

Many greetings and thank you!


P.S. other apps show a similar behaviour since the Android 11 update

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Hi Martin,

we don't register general complaints about Locus performance on Android 11. Maybe you have too much content active. Check these tips for improving Locus performance: we don't register.